Friday, October 2, 2009

Memory Works

Real quick, I just wanted to throw this in here, for anyone who is interested. I am a consultant for Memory works. If you haven't heard of them, check them out here. I am more than happy to place orders for anyone who wants some new goodies!

Oh, and something else real quick. I don't know if any of you have had experience with, but I placed 2 orders there last week. 1 order was fine, but the 2nd order was not correct, so I contacted them, they cancelled that order and placed another. Except the new order, was the exact same as the wrong one. Then I find out today, that they shipped the cancelled order to me already. And I checked my bank account, and it was over-drafted. Weird. So I call the bank, to see if they double charged me, for that cancelled/new order. They charged me 6 times! 3 times for the orginal order, and then 3 times for the cancelled/new order. OVER $300 dollars was taken out of my account, when only around $60 should have been. Which then caused the bank to charge me the overdraft fee every time they charged me. The good news is, I have an awesome bank and they took it all off, no problem. The bad news is, is refusing that they made a mistake and is blaming it on my bank. On my 4th phone call to them today, the "supervisor" wouldn't let me speak, and kept telling me it will be 5 days before they can even do anything about it. I was so mad!!

Too bad I need the stuff I ordered there for my minis, otherwise I would of just canceled the orders and said give me my money back, and I am done. I did however tell them I will NEVER order from them again, and would pass this on to my friends!


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  1. yay were partners!!! email me at!! i can not wait to get started!